Palm Reading Pictures

When you have made a palm reading appointment, it is important to send me clear photos of your left hand. The quality of the photos will determine the accuracy of the reading. To take good photos of your hands, it is best to take it in daylight. Also, don't put your hand directly in the sunlight because this method whitens the lines in your hand and doesn't allow me to see the natural color of the lines. You should put your hand a short distance from a window and take many photos in that setting. When taking photos, capture multiple of your left hand in the same position. This will allow me to have a greater variety of photos to examine. The following samples are photos that are valid for the palm reading.

In addition, it is important to send your photos of your left hand at least 3 days before your appointment to my email The process of examining your hand is long and must be done in advance. I take note of what I see in your lines. During our meeting, I will share with you what I saw in your hand.